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The Tank and the Hoff Go Antiquing On Charles Street

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The PlayFutbol branch of DLab reunited for an afternoon lunch at the Beacon Hill Bistro on Thursday, March 5th. After the Tank established and checked with members of staff that there was no gas leak lunch was served. An exchange ...

Status Meeting- November 07, 2007

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Participants Tank, Danger, Hoff and Seth were in attendance Situational Analysis The meeting began with a brief recap of recent activity. A brief analysis of members current position and trajectory on the value curve showed that while Seth, Hoff and Tank were ...

Conference Call - July 18, 2007

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Participants "The Tank", Austin "Danger", London "The Hoff", Munich "Seth", India The following topics were covered in great detail via teleconference.  Chief Ethics Officer Hoff served as secretary for this important meeting. 1. Checking-in Communal sharing of our achievements over the summer. Whether it is in Renewable ...

Founders Meeting Minutes- May 8, 2007

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Topics Discussed - Membership - Timing (27 Dec 07 +/- 1 Day – End of January) - ...