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Chief Ethics Officer - “The Hoff”

Hoff Photo “The Hoff” is a second year MBA student. Prior to business school, he was a Vice President at a Tier 1 Investment Bank, where he was in charge of European Emerging Markets Foreign Exchange Options. In this position, “The Hoff” successfully traded currencies increasing the value of his book from $1 million to $6 million in just 8 months. Promptly following this accomplishment, the value of “The Hoff’s” book crashed to $0. Hoff ran several Currency Options portfolios in the Emerging Markets and G7 space, both in the European and Asian time zones. He also concentrated on structuring and pricing exotic currency options risk. The Hoff received a BA with Honors in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He spent the summer working for the financial services practice at McKinsey & Company in Munich.

Chief Ostentation Officer - “Seth”

Seth Photo “Seth” is also a second year MBA candidate. Prior to coming to the MBA, “Seth” was a founder and VP of Business Development in a consulting company where he provided strategic and management consulting services for wireless technology start-up companies. Prior, “Seth” worked at a global defense and technology company where he managed a $8.5 million contract, providing innovative systems, products and solutions to the military. Prior, “Seth” founded San Diego’s most successful event planning and promotions company. “Seth” has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California at San Diego. He spent the summer working for a boutique manufacturing consulting service in Shanghai, and a prominent IT consulting firm in Bangalore, India. While in Asia, “Seth” also mastered the art of negotiating for fake Prada purses on street corners.

Chief “F” Officer - “Danger”

Danger Photo “Danger” is also a second year MBA student. Prior to business school, “Danger” was a senior deal analyst with a major real estate private Equity Group. In that role he participated in extensive due diligence and structuring of Real Estate equity transactions across India, Asia, North America, South America, Guam, New Zealand, Europe and Antartica. “Danger began his career in the Financial Management Program after graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brown University. Currently “Danger” loves consulting. During his summer in London, “Danger” worked with at a leading global strategy and technology consulting firm to deliver results that endure. According to his managers, “Danger” delivered real value to his clients. He also was successful at sleeping his way up the ladder and continues to do so.

Chief Texas Officer - “The Tank”

Tank Photo “The Tank” is also a second year MBA student. Prior to business school, “The Tank” supervised a team of three analysts and two interns, both of which he slept with at a major city office in New York, NY. Also in the role, he successfully rescheduled $300 million of a capital plan through improved risk analysis of project schedules. “The Tank” is also credited for producing a $700 million operating budget and $2.5 billion capital plan for the Department of Environmental Protection. “The Tank’s” father is a big deal at business school and ensures that he is able to enroll in any class he chooses. “The Tank” is also a popular teaching assistant where he is known for going to extreme lengths to ensure that his students are “well prepared”. During the past summer, “The Tank” worked at a promising Solar Technology startup company in Texas.