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Status Meeting- November 07, 2007

November 7th, 2007 Posted in Meeting Minutes

Tank, Danger, Hoff and Seth were in attendance

Situational Analysis
The meeting began with a brief recap of recent activity. A brief analysis of members current position and trajectory on the value curve showed that while Seth, Hoff and Tank were currently in, or headed to the high value region, Danger’s metrics showed that things had in fact “spiraled out of control”. No solution to this issue was determined at the meeting.
After this status update, the members focused on issues related to the trip to Argentina. The following issues were determined.


Stay in a hotel in Buenos Aires December 28-January 2
Travel to beach for January 2-3
Condo accommodations (2 bed/2 bath in Palermo or Recolleta) January 3-26
Travel Argentina TBD January 26-February 2


Desire to schedule a video session to add video content to the website
Video’s to include a personal introduction from each of the members


NYE - $250/person for entertainment expenses
Hotel Accommodations - $100/night/person
Condo Expenses - $2000-3000/month

Mild panic was expresses over the fact that employment plans had yet to be confirmed.
Additional fundraising strategies were discussed including:
- Hiking up a mountain and selling advertising space on our backpacks
- “Sponsored by Cannon - on all of our Flickr photos”
- Writing assignment, possibly for the Metro, Lonely Planet, German Newspapers, Jungle MBA magazine, etc.
- Working for Myspace to increase market penetration in Argentina

Action Items
Hoff - Sort out and display options for accommodations
Seth - Continue to aggressively pursue employment opportunities
Danger - Think seriously about the consequences of his actions and the risk he is exposing DLAB to
Tank - Provide video footage to improve DLAB’s external appearance

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