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Unico in Palermo

January 7th, 2008 Posted in Argentina, Bars, Girls

Seems that we were a little slow to figure this one out, so in the spirit of education, here’s something you should know if you ever go to Palermo. There is a great bar called Unico - located on Fitz Roy and Honduras. It is the oldest bar in Palermo - established way before the barro became trendy. The drinks were cheap, and the place was packed…. so packed that the crowd overflowed onto the patio and into the street. We stood around drinking beers in the street talking to local girls until about 5am. We really enjoyed ourselves.

LESSON TIME: so what we learned after the fact - so far two separate independent sources have confirmed - is that this is the bar where local girls go when they want to have a “great night”. “Great night” as in sex. Every day we learn something new. [INSERTED: Please read the comment for a well articulated but conflicting viewpoint from Mariela]

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  2. By Mariela A. Sas on Jan 7, 2008

    Hi guys, I am at home with a neighbor and finally I found in a piece of paper of my Sunday newspaper ‘ magazine, the amazing stuff of your site written on it. I am actually the third source, I mean you got information of UNICO from two separate and different sources and I am the one that has to be considered as the most trustable.

    Please, see bellow what I think in this regard:

    Friday night: Mariela drives out to Unico and therefore, introduces HIM a terrific place (no so much, I personally think…but a good one)…

    Well, lets summing up and let me give you my perspective. The third source thinks: I hardly believe that Unico is a place as described above, because of (i) it is not the oldest bar in Palermo, (ii) there is not so great as you believe and…(iii) Regarding the LESSON TIME: OK, LET ME KNOW YOU THAT WHAT IS WRITTEN IS NOT A LESSON BUT A MISTAKE.
    I would not like to disappoint you, but I must tell you that “the great night of BA” is not in UNICO but in some other places that in case you are interesting on I am able to inform you (but not by this way).
    Additionally, another issue that I must clear you up is the meaning of a ” Great night” for an Argentinean girl. Of course, not now, because it is too late and I have to wake up v. early in the morning and I would have to write too much.
    Finally, please note that a great night as in sex (according the words of the “author”) can be read by you in the “Ultimate Sex Guide” that definitely is not related to UNICO.

    LESSON TIME: Don’t believe everything that you hear ( I mean the first two sources) and please recall that Argentinean women are not as easy as a “great night in UNICO” (as mentioned by the author).

    Argentinean women just watch, and enjoy in curious manners a nigth in BA, but do not have the habits you definitely concluded we have.

  3. By Beefalo on Aug 31, 2008

    I concur that the Unico bar is a producer of horny and willing girls because 2 out of 2 visits gave me immediate satisfaction.

  4. By Jose on Nov 1, 2008

    and let’s not forget that it is also a great place to meet Argentinean guys who, culturally, and more so since their great depression of 2001, would swing every which way(meaning straight, gay, bi and all points in between) in a frenzy similar to the After X-mas Day Sale at Macy’s. Of course, no Argentinean guy will ever admit to this but, as they say: “si camina…” (tranlated: “if it walks…”

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