Lifestyle Arbitrage

Itinerary and Action Plan

Dates Activity Framework Deliverable
28 Dec Depart respective locations for Buenos Aires    
29-30 Dec Process of acclimatization and project preparation Signoff on modus operandi  
31 Dec- 2 Jan New Years Festivities Dom Perignon, Jagermeister and Quilmes Photograph/Video
3 Jan Engage with client at their facility.    
4-7 Jan Conduct qualitative research. Understand the forces shaping the industry and the competitive context Porter’s “Five Forces” Customer Analysis (Excel)
7-9 Jan Choose an initial application, segment and market for company to target Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” Powerpoint presentation
9-12 Jan Conduct multiple customer interviews. Identify customer needs for targeted segment Elrich and Upinger “Identifying Customer Needs” Documented customer interview
12-17 Jan Further engage potential customers. Understand customer buying process. Identify decision making units (DMU) “Awareness, Trial, Purchase”  
17-19 Jan Quantify clients value proposition Christensen’s “Innovator’s Dillema” Clear, concise documented statement
19-23 Jan Analyze system complexities and document structure and behavior of dynamic systems Sterman’s “Business Dynamics” Stock and flow diagram, bass model and projected S-curve
24 Jan Final presentation to client Tim Koegel’s “Open up and Own the Room”  
25 Jan-
2 Feb
Hike the Patagonias    
3 Feb Return to business school in Boston