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D-Lab extends its brand with promotional clothing

November 14th, 2007 Posted in News Release

In attempt to better market itself, D-LAB officially revealed it’s promotional items to the public. The fashionable items which had been meticulously designed by Seth were met with great favor by associates and strangers alike. That evening, Hoff was quoted as saying “Oh no… oh no… man… what… I tell you, the retribution for this will be harsh”. Tank who literally fell on his ass was not available for comment. To access the store, and purchase one of thse fine, limited edition items, click here.

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  2. By Ryan Eacker on Mar 1, 2009

    I have had 1 shirt that I bought from mervyns about 2 years ago and it and 1 of my other shirts are the only ones that have lasted me this long. I love my d-lab shirt and Im very happy with how it fits and feels. I cant find anymore dlab shirts though. If I could find any, I would buy alot because I was very happy with my 1 shirt by d-lab that I have to this day. Very well done on the clothing brand. Someones doing their job with this company. Thank you again for supplying me with this marvelous shirt that I have loved and cherished through hard times and rough times alike.

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