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D-Lab to Launch Armageddon Capital Partners I

December 15th, 2007 Posted in News Release

Sifting through excessive amounts of data, from global oil demand to diminishing democratic regimes, D-Lab has launched Armageddon Capital Partners I (ACP I) to find growth opportunities in a hostile and overheated world.

While the General Partnership has not outlined specific assets in-line with the overarching investment thesis, it is expected ACP I will invest aggressively in the following industrial and service arenas:

Sandbag Production
Central Florida Real Property
Desalination technology
Michael Bay Productions
Endangered Animals

“We have a tremendous opportunity to provide real value to our limited partners whose views are in-line with ours,” stated Seth of D-Lab and Chief Investment Officer of ACP I. When asked about opportunities for growth in the coming months, Seth responded, “We think so”.

ACP I’s offering memorandum is due to circulate at the close of 2007, with capital commitments in line by March 1, 2008.

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