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Conference Call - July 18, 2007

July 18th, 2007 Posted in Meeting Minutes

“The Tank”, Austin
“Danger”, London
“The Hoff”, Munich
“Seth”, India

The following topics were covered in great detail via teleconference.  Chief Ethics Officer Hoff served as secretary for this important meeting.
1. Checking-in
Communal sharing of our achievements over the summer. Whether it is in Renewable Energy, Global Entrepreneurship or Top Management Consulting we all have repeatedly affected the environment we live in. On a social level, All of the members, with the exception of one, have moved on from any past relationships. Anticipated excursions were discussed and we shared the spirit of the occasion.
2. DLab2008 Website
Management discussed the strategic positioning of our external presence. Determined that website objective is to capture the customer segment between SWIM and Net Impact.
3. Flight Booking
Members agreed to postpone any ticket purchases until confirmation of flight origins could be attained.
4. Investment Focus
Focus of the 3 week investment process is still undecided.  Due diligence in key segments is well under way. This has also been declared the main priority in the upcoming months.
5. Resumes
All members accepted the action item to submit updated curriculum vitae to John Clingan by Friday
6. Itinerary
Itinerary was updated to observe to following strategy: After the spiritual blessing of NYE there will be 3 weeks of work followed by 1 week of cultural apprenticeship - location TBD.

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