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The Tank and the Hoff Go Antiquing On Charles Street

March 17th, 2009 Posted in Bars, Meeting Minutes

The PlayFutbol branch of DLab reunited for an afternoon lunch at the Beacon Hill Bistro on Thursday, March 5th. After the Tank established and checked with members of staff that there was no gas leak lunch was served. An exchange with the waiter regarding our drink order ensued and was handled gracefully without eviction from the premises.

Staff:   Would the gentlemen like a drink with your food?
Playfutbol: Yes please, the French chardonnay.
Staff:  One glass of chardonnay coming up right away
Playfutbol Oi, make that two bottles please.

Careers, love, the state of the union as well as past anecdotes were discussed. Action items included the upcoming reunion in Europe and the ransom for John. Despite the fact that there were no arguments about Kelly the bill was not split. That and the fact that the Hoff made his flight back to Germany indicates strong personal learning along the original Dlab objectives. There was no nudity or public urination reported on Charles Street that afternoon.

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