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March 17th, 2009 Posted in Girls

Transcript from what started as a seemingly innocent skype conversation…

[3/13/2009 2:27:05 PM] Natasha : great!)
[3/13/2009 2:27:08 PM] Natasha : u have a minute?
[3/13/2009 2:27:34 PM] Natasha : airberlin flight would cost 100 euros instead of Lufthansa 100euros
[3/13/2009 2:27:40 PM] Natasha : 200
[3/13/2009 2:27:57 PM] Natasha : may i ask u stupid question
[3/13/2009 2:28:11 PM] the hoff: of course
[3/13/2009 2:28:24 PM] Natasha : very stupid, don’t think badly
[3/13/2009 2:29:45 PM] Natasha : my european DNI card finishes in November this year(((     could u marry me and then divorce soon (for visa reasons)?
[3/13/2009 2:30:02 PM] Natasha : NIE card, identification
[3/13/2009 2:31:23 PM] the hoff: well
[3/13/2009 2:31:30 PM] the hoff: we can discuss when i am over
[3/13/2009 2:31:53 PM] the hoff: but originally i was hoping i could marry for love
[3/13/2009 2:32:04 PM] the hoff: which is part of the reason i have waited for so long
[3/13/2009 2:32:24 PM] Natasha : I am sure we could combine both
[3/13/2009 2:32:53 PM] Natasha : I am a good girl and VER KIND and GENEROUS, I will never blackmail you and nothing lke that
[3/13/2009 2:33:36 PM] the hoff: ahah
[3/13/2009 2:33:42 PM] the hoff: i know

Especially impressive is the 81 second pause between the question and the response.  Not sure what Hoff was thinking right there, but it seems he may have dodged this bullet.

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