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Barefoot Drunk Soccer

January 20th, 2008 Posted in Argentina

Slightly disappointed that the hostels pool was closed at 7pm, D-Lab was left with no ther option but to drink several liters of Andes beer sitting on park benches… Things were starting to feel a bit dull, when some local guys invited us to join in on their pickup soccer game.  Slightly drunk and without shoes, D-Lab rose to the challenge - splitting between Auburn St. and Mt. Vernon plus Brigitta.  We’re not sure who actually won the match, but highlights include Tank scoring a goal with Seth as keeper followed by a pretty embarrassing victory dance, Seth severely fouling one of the smaller Argentinian players and nearly being red-carded, Danger, assisted by Tank, scoring a goal against Mt. Vernon, Seth throwing a stray dog into the goal posts, Brigitta with a beautiful cross to Maxy (one of our Argentinan players), and Seth scoring a goal on Danger in the final minute of the game…

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