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A New Sexual Revolution In Argentina

January 9th, 2008 Posted in Argentina, Bars, Girls

This is an interesting article on Argentinian women and the so-called Sexual Revolution that is occurring here. So far, none of us have been asked to the bathroom to bring back our underwear - although since we don’t speak spanish, it is quite possible - wait, is that what Luciana was trying to say last night??

And so now, according to the article, they’re becoming more sexually dominant. We’re probably not talking about whips and chains (though they could be involved). But these women are becoming sexually assertive and even aggressive. Of a famous café it is said, “At Moria Restó y +, men are welcome but generally don’t go alone or in packs.” So now Buenos Aires is like a permanent bachelorette party. Good times. We wonder how often guys are asked to go to the bathroom and bring back their underwear. Do Argentine guys even wear underpants?

A New Sexual Revolution In Argentina

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