Lifestyle Arbitrage Makes Money

January 7th, 2008 Posted in Web 2.0, Work

Well, Danger and I are now one day into our work project - we are working with a (unnamed) startup in Argentina which is developing a widget to aggregate a users online identity and present it on their page - The work has been interesting. I’ve never had a job where playing around with my facebook or myspace page was considered work… we’ve also spent some time researching the blog community as we think bloggers may serve as this company’s initial users. Researching blogging introduced us to monetizing blogs, and that’s how I came across Smorty a service for blog advertising. Apparently, if we write reviews about different products or websites we can get paid money. By writing this post - we should receive $6 from Smorty - that’s about 18 pesos - and at Unico on Wednesday’s that will get you three beers - not a bad commission for typing a short article. So, with that said, I am optimistic to try Smorty’s service and see if we can actually make some money with our site. It may not exactly pay for our trip to Patagonia, but every little bit counts.

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