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Has Anyone Seen Saadiq?

January 6th, 2008 Posted in Travel Logistics


Please contact D-Lab if you have seen this man. He is a devilishly handsome man of Jamaican descent, approximately 175cm with a medium build. He is likely dragging all of his personal belongings down the street somewhere.

He was supposed to arrive in Buenos Aires from Punta Del Este via ferry at 2am. The plan was for him to call us when he arrived, come to our location (which was not known with certainty at the moment of planning and could have been one of several hundred bars and clubs within BA). The risks were evident given that Saadiq’s phone was not working properly, and we would be intoxicated in loud environments at the moment of the call.

Saadiq, if you get this message - we received no call, and have not heard from you. We are concerned for your safety. Please contact us immediately.

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  2. By Seth on Jan 7, 2008

    Found him - thank god!

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