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Persistent Brazilians

December 30th, 2007 Posted in Girls

Well, after just a couple days here, we have had the pleasure of encountering several Brazilian women. One of the first, name and details removed to prevent any serious lawsuits sent us this email and letter attached… good thing to know she’s not ‘psycho’…

I´m a writer for Christ sake! I prize words, dear [deleted]. However, knowing a bit of your female background I quite understand your reaction with the “test” stuff, so I´ll give you a good piece of information: I´m not a psycho… [deleted text].

Anyway, I´m leaving now to jog at the lake Palermo, but because I´m the nicest person you ever met in your entire life and you carried my luggage full of books - which really touched my heart, I´ll give you the amazing chance to kiss me (brush well your teeth, please).

I´m not sure what I´m going to do at daylight after jogging (yes, I´ll take a bath). But what I´ll have to do is to buy a champagne and something eatable to the party at night. It will be full of pretentious intellectual Argentinian people, but tell [the rest of D-Lab] that Argentinian females even when are pretentious are cute. Males not always.

If you want to go to this party, save me from pretentious Argentinian males and have the unique opportunity to see me in a gorgeous dress that strips my freckles shoulders, leave a message at my new hostel: Uriarte 1389, phone [deleted]. Also buy a champagne and bring peanuts, or fruits or cheese or a lasagna or anything you think is eatable at a new year´s night.
The “ceña”, how they call the dinner, will start at 10 PM, so I hope you wake up earlier than that.

If you want to be a gentleman, warn me first that you will go and pick me up at 9:30 PM at the hostel. If you want surprise me, make anxious and guilt, wondering that I should write less and keep it simple, writing something like: “You´re cute, let´s make out”, or “Test 2″ show at Marina´s (Marina is the owner of the house) party at Humahuaca 4228, timbre 1 (between calles Palestina y Gascón), Barrio: Almagro (not so far from Palermo). Tell that you were invited by Florencia.

But just try not to leave me with all this men with bad haircut. I´ll kiss you for that. Or at least carry your luggages.



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